Freight Shipping

1 Scheduling Delivery

The shipping company will call you 1 day in advance to schedule a 4 hour delivery appointment.
1. There may be local restrictions on the time of day the delivery may take place.
2. Delivery times can be affected by inclement weather
3. Missed Delivery appointments will incur additional charges

2Delivery Terms

Deliveries via freight truck are palletized and to curbside only. You are responsible for taking the delivery inside your home or building. Longer-length items such as barbells and pull-up rigs may not have liftgate capabilities, meaning they will not be lowered from the bed of the truck to the floor upon delivery. For these deliveries, be prepared to unload by hand with a couple of friends depending on the size of your order. If this is a concern, please contact us for more info or changes if necessary.

3 Notate Damages Prior to Signing Delivery Receipt

- Once the order is received, inspect the pallets, shrink-wrap, and boxes.
- Make note of any imperfections, no matter how minor (scuffs, indentations, tearing) in writing on the Delivery Receipt.
- Write "possible concealed damage". Please keep in mind that the intent of the box, shrink-wrap, banding, and pallets is to protect the units. So, while the packaging may have minor imperfections, the internal contents are probably fine. To ensure that you get credit for any damages, please make sure to notate any imperfections noticed on the shrink wrap, pallet, or crate of the shipment.
- It is your responsibility to notate any damages and/or missing items on the delivery receipt upon receipt of your order. We reserve the right to deny replacement items if no notes are made on the delivery receipt for damaged/missing items.

4 Compare What You Ordered Against What You Received

- Please match your invoice to compare against what you received.
- Open EVERY box, pallet, and crate. Smaller items could be packaged inside the box or crate of another item. Please make sure to open every box, crate, and pallet within 72 hours to inspect and inventory everything.
- We put smaller items into boxes with bigger items to consolidate the shipment, and to make transit safer for the equipment. If you think you're missing something, check all the boxes and crates for items that might be packaged together.
- If you have an issue with your order - please list order #, describe the issue, take pictures of everything you received, and submit to Info@gymratequipment.com so that we can resolve it for you!